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Open The Door To A World Of Information

The library system offers books, eBooks, e-Audiobooks, DVDs, CDs, books on CD, books on MP3, and videos for you to borrow to use and enjoy.

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What Can I Get With A Library Card?

With a library card in hand, you gain access to a world of knowledge and entertainment at Greenup County Public Library. Borrow physical items such as books, DVDs, and CDs, or dive into the digital realm with eBooks, e-Audiobooks, and videos. Additionally, explore a plethora of online services available through our website that are free to use with your card.

How To Apply For A Card

Visit one of Greenup County Public Library System's three branches or Bookmobile, complete an application, show a picture ID and some identification with your current name and address, and we’ll issue you a card that you can use right away.

Learn more about our Library Cards:

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  • Who Can Apply For A Library Card?
    We issue free cards to everyone who lives in Greenup County, Kentucky as well as people who live within some surrounding areas.
  • Can I Get A Library Card For My Children?
    A parent or legal guardian must sign applications for children who are under 14 years old and the child must be present when applying for a card. We start giving library cards to children ages 2 and up. Parents or legal guardians must also give permission for children to use our computers. Children using the children’s reading area should be accompanied by an adult when using this area.
  • Can I Get A Library Card As A Teacher?
    We support education! If you teach at any licensed educational organization in Greenup County we offer you an educator’s card.
  • What Are The Identification Requirements To Get A Card?
    To obtain a library card, you must show a form (or forms) of identification that shows who you are and where you live. Types of identification that you can use to obtain and activate a library card: • Driver's license • Student ID card • Voter registration card • Printed checks with current address • Rent receipts or lease • Social services identification • Greenup County property tax receipts • Current utility bill • Parent/Guardians may use their ID to obtain cards for their children
  • How Do I Use My Cards And What Are My Responsibilities?
    You are responsible for all items borrowed on your card. Library cards are issued to an individual and the library system expects the card to be used only by the person who signed for it. To allow someone else to check out items on your card you must come in to one of the branches and let us know that you would like to give permission to a specific person to check out on your card. They cannot use your card to have access to computers. Most cards are valid for one year. Renew your card by presenting the card and identification with your current name and residential address at any library branch. We will renew your card after you have cleared all fines, fees and overdue materials from your record. You may use your library card to borrow at all branches in the Greenup County Public Library System. Special situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis. You will need your library card to borrow materials and to use library computers each time you visit the libraries. Please bring your card with you each time you visit.
  • What Happens If My Card Is Lost Or Stolen?
    If your card is lost or stolen, please notify the library system immediately. This can be done by calling your nearest branch. Replacement cards cost $1 each.
  • Borrowing & Returning
    Loan Periods: • All Printed Materials - 14 days (2 renewals*) • CD/DVDs - 14 days - only 6 per card (2 renewals*) *Items that have holds placed on them cannot be renewed. New library cards being issued to first time patrons are restricted to 3 items for the first 30 days.
  • Renewals
    Avoid library fines! You may renew most materials two times*. We strongly encourage you to return materials by the due date. Overdue materials will impact your borrowing privileges and accounts will be suspended after $10 of delinquent fines is accumulated. Renewals can be made by phone or once through your account by logging in from our website. Your library card number will be required for online access.
  • Fines / Lost & Damaged Items
    Fines for overdue materials are as follows: All Materials (Books, Magazines, CD’s, DVD’s, Playaways, etc.) - 5 cents per day per item, maximum $1 per item Lost library cards - replacement cards cost $1 each Anyone responsible for other accounts (ex: child’s account) need to have fines under $10 total for all accounts they are responsible for to continue to check out on each account. If an account total is over $50 a payment of at least 10% will need to be paid every two weeks. Patrons will be allowed to check out 2 items while making good faith efforts to clear their account. Failure to comply will result in suspension of all privileges.
  • Lost & Damaged Materials
    Replacement cost for lost or damaged materials is based on the library's average cost charts. If you find library materials that you have paid for within a reasonable amount of time of the payment date, bring the material to your library branch to receive a refund. The acceptable amount of time will be at the discretion of the library staff.
  • Theft
    Anyone caught stealing or damaging material with intent to steal or sell will be prosecuted in accordance with the law.
  • Your Privacy
    The Greenup County Public Library System will follow applicable Federal and State laws relating to the confidentiality of library records. We respect your privacy and the Library cannot guarantee privacy or the security of data that you store/save on our public computers, therefore any saved information will be removed on a regular basis from our public access computers. All library public access computers have security software installed. This security software returns the computer to a library-default state when the computer is re-started. This means that on each restart, any personal information inadvertently left on a public access computer is erased. This also means that personal files are not retained. Therefore, if a patron is creating a document or other file on library computers, he or she must save it to removable media such as a thumb drive/flash drive - which we have available for purchase if needed. Patrons may install programs and open e-mail attachments as they are able to do so. As a function of the security software, patron-installed programs and/or passwords will not be retained on the public access computer. If a patron is not able to install a particular program, the program probably requires administrative computer rights. Security software will not be modified nor administrative rights granted under any circumstances. Ultimately, security of personal information is the responsibility of the patron.
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