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Homeschool Program

Join Us After School & For Homeschool 

We offer an after school program that allows teens to have fun after a day at school. We also offer a homeschool program that allows homeschooled kids a chance to have fun and learn with others.

After School Program

Our After School Program is designed especially for teens and tweens, offering a safe and welcoming space at the library where they can gather, connect, and have a blast.


From engaging in creative crafts to exciting games, laser tag, and a variety of themed programs, our aim is to provide an environment that builds friendships and unforgettable experiences. Join us for a fun after-school adventure where each day brings a new opportunity for learning and laughter.

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teens after school program

Homeschool Program

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Discover a world of educational possibilities at the Greenup County Public Library with our diverse assortment of Homeschool programs! Every Tuesday, from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM, we offer engaging and interactive sessions tailored for ages 6 to 12. Explore subjects ranging from science and history to creative arts in a fun and supportive environment.

For older learners aged 12 and up, join us from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM for more advanced programs that delve deeper into academic topics and foster critical thinking skills. Our experienced instructors are committed to nurturing a love for learning, making the library the perfect place for your homeschooling journey.


Unlock the doors to knowledge, creativity, and community at the Greenup County Public Library's Homeschool programs – where education and inspiration unite!

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After School Program

Getting involved is as easy as 1-2-3...

We want to make getting involved as simple as possible. That's why we developed a simple 3-step plan to join any event.

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Find An Event

Browse our calendar to find the date and activity that works for you.

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Sign Up

Easily register by clicking on an event and entering your details.

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Have Fun

Join us at the scheduled event, ready to have fun with your family.

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