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teens making crafts

Crafting Memories, One Event at a Time

Join our craft events, where we blend learning and fun seamlessly. Discover the joy of creating something new each month while sharing laughs with others and letting your creativity soar.

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Have Fun

At our craft events, teens can have fun exploring their creativity and crafting new projects. It's also a fantastic opportunity for teens to bond over a shared passion for crafting while making new friends and lasting memories.

Why Join Us For Crafts?

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Learn Skills

At our craft events, teens have the chance to not only have a great time but also acquire valuable skills. Each crafting session is a hands-on learning experience where teens can learn new skills and techniques.

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Ignite Your Creativity

At Greenup County Public Library, teens can unleash their inner creativity and let their imaginations run wild. Crafting provides a canvas for self-expression, allowing teens to find their artistic potential.

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Our Craft Programs

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Craft & Snack

Flatwoods - Ages 15+

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Get Crafty

McKell - Ages 16+

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Craft Day

Greenup - Ages 16+

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Getting involved is as easy as 1-2-3...

We want to make getting involved as simple as possible. That's why we developed a simple 3-step plan to join any event.

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Find An Event

Browse our calendar to find the date and activity that works for you.

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Sign Up

Easily register by clicking on an event and entering your details.

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Have Fun

Join us at the scheduled event, ready to have fun with your family.

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